Associate Manager, Global Brand Development & Marketing - Play-Doh Wed Sep 04 02:00:00 CDT 2019 Pawtucket, RI 580777500 13482 Global & Regional Marketing 1 Employee <p><span style="font-size:14.0px"><span style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">At Hasbro, we embrace the unique skills, experiences, talents and perspectives of our global workforce which, combined with our culture of curiosity and innovation, generates the best ideas. We live our values of Community, Passion, Integrity and Creativity, and we’re committed to giving our 5,000+ employees opportunities to build their individual capabilities, balance work and life, deliver excellence through team work and thrive personally. This enables us to deliver results in all aspects of our business.</span></span></p> <p style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 10.0pt"><span>Hasbro is seeking a Global&nbsp;Associate Brand Manager to support Play-Doh franchise!&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 10.0pt"><b><span>A day in the life as an Associate Brand Manager- Play-Doh Franchise</span></b></p> <p style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 10.0pt">As a digital first thinker, innovative consumer marketer, and brand developer you will help manage the global franchise development and marketing, entertainment and content creation, and brand strategy to drive the Play-Doh Franchise. Here&rsquo;s what you can expect from this role:</p> <ul> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Partner with cross-functional teams to execute key brand initiatives, including finding innovative ways to grow the business.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacingCxSpLast">Assist in development of all consumer facing franchise marketing activities such as advertising and other marketing communication.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacingCxSpLast">Assist in consumer product and location-based entertainment event strategies that support the overall franchise goals.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacingCxSpLast">Support the development and management of the brand&rsquo;s entertainment and content creation based on audience insights.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacingCxSpLast">Become the global consumer insights and competitive market expert and leverage learnings on franchise development.</li> </ul> <p class="MsoNoSpacingCxSpLast">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 10.0pt"><strong>What you&#39;ll bring:</strong></p> <ul> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Storytelling: you thrive with creative development and have a good sense on how best to communicate a compelling story to the consumer across all touch points.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Consumer / customer centric: you can get into the mind of consumers and make recommendations that guide the brand based on those insights.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Digital-first mindset: you are comfortable leveraging digital insights and key trends to maximize the brand in unique ways.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Data analysis: you have a good sense of quantitative and qualitative information and how that influences the brand strategy.</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Marketing campaigns: you can coordinate and measure a campaign (clear objective, target audience, omnichannel).</li> </ul> <p class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 10.0pt"><b>Education and Experience Requirements:</b></p> <ul> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Progressive experience supporting fully integrated marketing programs</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Advertising or related field</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">MBA preferred (Additional work experience in lieu of MBA considered)</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Global marketplace understanding</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Digitally savvy (product development, consumer marketing, retail)</li> <li class="MsoNoSpacing" style="margin:0.0in 0.0in 0.0pt">Financial, business and strategic acumen</li> </ul>

Associate Manager, Global Brand Development & Marketing - Play-Doh

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Date: Sep 4, 2019